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Monday, August 16, 2010

First Post

Good day friends!

This is my first post. I'll be throwing down everything from recipes to events to ideas all related to the world of food.
If you can put it in your mouth, I want to talk about it.



  1. Great news Theo. Can't wait to see your blogging. Can you post the secret to a good moussakka?

  2. The secret to making a good moussaka my friend, is to carefully make each layer incredibly flavourful especially the meatsauce and the bechamel sauce on top.

  3. Hey Theo,
    Just caught wind of your blog. I am thinking of starting one for my bakery in Calgary that is soon to be open. I was at the celiac convention last year in Calgary and was talking to the people from Kinnikkinick who wanted to show me their video, they turned it on and there you were! Small world. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the wonderful world of food!

    Kerry Bennett

  4. "If you can put it in your mouth, I want to talk about it." Too obvious, too easy, I'll let it go this time, but watch the homo-erotic double entendres in the future. Great idea for the blog, best of luck!