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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top 5 Favourites

Due to having way too much time on my hands, I've been compiling a list (not that you care, but I'm going to tell you anyway) of favourite things to shove in my mouth. And yes, that is exactly what I do with my most favourite edible delicacies.  I shovel heaps of whatever it is into my yap as if nobody's watching.  It is shameful, I know.  I think it's the neanderthal part of my brain that directs my mouth to take the biggest bite possible because there maybe a shortage of wooly mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers in the area and I will starve to death.  

In no particular order my top 5 favourite dishes are:

1 New York Cheesecake. Plain

2 Bbq Pork. In any fashion (on the rib, pulled, or chinese)

3 Dynamite rolls or shrimp tempura rolls. Sans mayo

4. Spicy Pho

5. Smoked meat sandwich on a rosemary and rock salt bagel from Siegels bagels

This list may change without notice. 

What are your top 5 faves? Send them to me.  I want to know. 

With Love,


  1. 5 faves - in no order.

    Cheeseburgers: If it ain't broke...

    Sausage in a bun: Over a campfire with pickles, kraut and gnarly mustard.

    Fish tacos: Great Slave white fish, homemade tortillas, lots of lime and cilantro.

    Sandwich: Turkey leftovers, all the fixens.

    Sushi: Avocado + seafood + rice + seaweed + soy sauce wasabi fire.

  2. The top five dishes I've ever HAD.. not necessarily my top five favs to eat on a regular basis.

    1) Blue Pear - Edmonton
    Mushroom ragout on celery root puree
    2) Fifteen - Jamie Oliver Restaurant - London
    Lazy gnocchi (it was mushroom month at the restaurant so it had a demi glaze with all different types of mushrooms and heavenly goodness)
    3) Cafe Deville Edmonton
    Polenta Souffle - with stilton, spinach, mushrooms (again!)
    4) Woolsey Creek Bistro - Revelstoke, BC
    Vegetable Empenada -baked phyllo pastry, organic red quinoa, roasted vegetables, local goat cheese, red pepper sauce
    5) Nourish Cafe - Banff
    Pineapple & Yam curry... also their butternut squash handmade ravioli.

    PS - disclaimer, I would just say ANYTHING Jered makes but I thought I'd be more descriptive.