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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Food Truck Update #2

Judging by the photos it may look like not much has been done. However, the propane tank, exaust canopy and stainless steel service counter have been installed. As well, the gigantic generator along with the plumbing system (water heater and pump also) have been installed.

I lost about a weeks worth of work with the propane tank installation due to bad luck and oversights by the propane dude.  It should have taken 4 hours.

This week, I encountered a prep cooler crisis because of lost floor space eaten up by the generator housing. But I overcame the situation with some unique equipment I found that "should" fit perfectly.

I've scheduled a wrap job to cover the entire body of the truck with a giant decal which I will enclose the graphic proofs soon.  I chose to wrap the truck instead of painting it because I recently learned that the sign/logo installer needs 2 weeks for the paint to "cure" before applying specific logos.

I realize as I'm writing these posts, how incredibly boring they may be.  But hopefully, it will give some insight to the project status.


- Separation wall between kitchen and the cab
- Electrical
- Commercial grade interior panelling
- Gas fitting
- Exterior wrap with logos

Original completion date:  July 3rd

Revised completion date: July 15th

With love,

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  1. Hi Theo,

    My name is Sharon Yeo and my partner Mack Male and I organize What the Truck?! food truck gatherings in Edmonton.

    We'd love to have your truck at an event this summer if it's ready to go! Please e-mail me at sharon.x.yeo[at] when you have a chance.