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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Spanglish Sandwich

Remember that scene in the movie Spanglish?  When Adam Sandler is assembling his late night snack -  a gourmet adaptation of the classic "BLT"? Remember that?  Remember when the slices of rustic rye, topped with gruyere or gouda or swiss came out of the toaster oven so thoughtfully and calculated as to just melt the cheese and crisp the bread and contrast the freshness and coolness of the lettuce and tomato.  And the touchdown on the last play of the game?  The fried egg added at the very end and cooked just right and just runny enough so when he squeezed the sandwich and cut it into two, the yolk broke open like a sauce and actively brought all the ingredients together in a blissful harmony of texture and flavour?  Remember that?  Remember that sandwich? Mmmm....
Food porn indeed. 
And leave it to Thomas Keller (culinary consultant to the movie), owner of the French Laundry, and perhaps one of the most highly regarded chefs on the planet, to transform the mundane into a masterpiece.  Visual splendor.  Leaving the viewer imagining and fantasizing about a great tasting sandwich. 
I love GOOD sandwiches.  So I made my own Spanglish Sandwich.  No regrets.  "Oooh, Baby".

With Love,


  1. Hey Theo!

    Just joined your blog as a follower. Was watching the Food Network, and your show was on, the one where you were discussong the website with your brother! LOL! Your pa is so old-school, hahahahaha, "The web-site is a waste of money."

    I love the fact that you post recipes. I am always looking for different ideas. I can see I will be trying some of yours for sure.

    I live in Vancouver now, but I spent a few years living in the WestEnd of Edmonton, just off of Stony Plain Road. I never got to visit Koutouki. Too bad!

  2. Looks great Theo. Would be a nice change for breakfast don't you think? There is an egg so anything with egg should count as a breakfast dish!

    Love Thomas Keller, have his French Laundry book, nice stuff. If you haven't tried his roast chicken yet, you should. Its amazing how such a simple recipe can taste so good.