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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hail Caesar!

Hi Friends!

Recently, my brother-in-law asked me for a good a Bloody Caesar recipe.  I'll cut and paste the email because I'm a slack.

Ok here we go.
Find something fun for a garnish at the grocery store like pickled beans or asparagus or big **** olives. Use the juice from the jar, just a splash. The rest is all preference. But I like just one dash of tabasco and four to five dashes of worchestershire. "Dark and Dirty" and a squeeze of lime and don't forget the celery salt rim. If the Caesar tastes tangy and salty then mission accomplished.


Food Fact      The Bloody Caesar was invented in Calgary Ab (Calgary again) in 1969 by WalterChell.                          He used real clams mashed with tomato juice in his original recipe. Since then, the Caesar                        has recently won the title as Canada's national drink.

With Love,

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