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Monday, September 20, 2010

Memories of Paris at The Duchess

Good Day Friends.

I might have a mob outside my house wielding pitchforks and torches for saying this, but double doubles and doughnuts are becoming tiresome.

 I would like to throw a bouquet to the people at Duchess Bake Shop for providing us foodies with such tantalizing treats.  Day in and day out, their display cases are loaded with decadent pastries and baked lovelies from large to small and sweet to savory.  You must see it with your own eyes and you won't be disappointed.   However, don't be upset if something is sold out.  Everything is made by one baker who aims for perfection on every level and mass production is not in her vocabulary. 

When I step inside their shop, I feel as though I become more cosmopolitan. More chic. Yet visits here aren't greeted with pretense, but rather with the friendliest of staff.   So now I make it a regular habit to get a French Press and a brioche and each time I do, I spend a few minutes in Paris.

With Love,                                                    

-French Pressed Coffee (Two Lg Cups) & Brioche                    About Six Dollars