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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farmer's Market Risotto

Good Day Friends! And a Happy Saturday to you.

This is a recipe for a Risotto I had whipped up that turned out tasting lovely despite not having any exciting ingredients to work with.

But... I did have some carrots, a block of "well aged" cheese, and a pot full of fresh herbs.  All of which ( and I didn't realize this until after) were bought at the Farmer's Market and I thought that was pretty cool.


- 2 cups of aborio rice
- 1/4 of a large onion finely diced
- olive oil
- 4 carrots boiled until tender pureed until smooth (add a little water if necessary)
- 1 cup of grated cheese (parmesan, aged cheddar, or anything dry and sharp)
-  a small bunch of fresh thyme sprigs
- 2 tbsp of butter
- 500 ml of low sodium chicken broth
- Tall glass of lukewarm water
- Salt


Cooking risotto is a little different than cooking regular rice where you would mix rice and water in pot, throw a lid on it, put it on low and wait 20 min. Cooking risotto properly requires adding a little liquid at a time and constantly stirring over high heat.  So when you begin, do what ever you need to do so you don't need to leave your area for at least half an hour.
First of all, set up all of the ingredients and lay them out for the ready.  Then sautee the onions with a splash of olive oil on high heat in the pot which you plan to use for the rice. Once the onions are slightly brown and aromatic, add the rice and give it a little stir with a wooden spoon.   Then little by little begin to add the broth. Stirring constantly. Once the broth is finished then use the water and you may need to refill the glass. Keep stirring.  Season the risotto throughout this process adding a couple of pinches at time along with just the leaves from two sprigs of thyme and be sure to taste it periodically.  It's important to taste frequently, so to determine when the risotto is done and for seasoning.  Once the rice becomes soft in texture and looking a little gooey then it is done and remove from the heat. Add the pureed carrots, cheese and butter and stir very well.

Garnish with fresh thyme and serve it up.  Your gonna love it. And no that's not KD.

With Love,
Theo and Bruno

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